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A new service offered to residents of ssha

What is SeeMyData?

SeeMyData is a free new service that puts housing data securely onto the internet. You can use SeeMyData to view your customer account statement, request repairs and view any repairs you have reported, complete repairs surveys or view your housing transfer application details over the internet.

How do I use this service?

To be able to use this service you must be a resident of ssha and have a computer connected to the internet. You will need to register for this service but registration and use of the site are free.

Security is important to us and you will only be able to access the system if you enter all logon data correctly. You will need 4 individual items of data as your logon and you will need to enter these correctly to access the system. You will only be able to see the information relating to your own account.

How will SeeMyData develop from here?

SeeMyData is a constantly evolving system and we are always thinking of ways to add to it and improve it. We want to make it an even more comprehensive and efficient online housing service centre.

We aim to make SeeMyData the foremost tenant participation website in the country.

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